The Donkey Race and the Festival of Pani, Casu e Binu a Rasu, Genuri

Both events are held on the Sunday that is closest to the 6th of August (the Feast of Saint Domino), contemporaneously with the festival of the emigrants.

The Sardinian donkey is the protagonist of a singular event that was interrupted in the sixties and then reinstated in 1997, after the prohibition of using coercive methods against animals. Currently, the spirit of the initiative is, in fact, to safeguard and promote the Sardinian donkey.

During the palio (a traditional donkey race), several donkeys, ridden by riders of all ages, run through a track drawn in a dirt road in the hamlet of Pedra Adria, which is located just outside of Genuri. It is very common to see riders dismounted and donkeys that run in the wrong direction.

At the end of the race, among dances and folk songs, the Festival of Pani, Casu e Binu a Rasu takes place. It is an ideal opportunity to taste the local breads, cheeses and wines.

An important part of the festival is the preparation and tasting of is costeddas, which are small pieces of bread dough that are fried and covered with sugar. In the past, they were prepared to cheer people up on the day of the week that was dedicated to baking.

Every year, the events planned around the celebration involve conferences with prominent personalities from around the island, festivals, and performances organized by the town. Exhibitions of tools and equipment belonging to the local artisans and farmers are also very common.