The environmental wealth of the area in which lies the Giara, the characteristics of the region, and the archaeological heritage that every town in the area keeps together form a complex universe, which brings into play very different, yet strongly interrelated, skills . It is difficult, for example, to correctly read the landscape of Marmilla, when only considering its geomorphology and not its anthropological factors. The complete understanding of the combination of elements presented in this area requires a deep study that is similar to the one that an archaeologist undertakes when identifying the cultural-historical context of an artifact.

The tour guides can be very useful, as the forests of the Giara are not only green spaces filled with ancient trees, but have also been the location of many historical events and the background of several places that stand out for their scientific, architectural and social significance. Even though the pathways are clearly marked and it is rare for someone to get lost, the local guides offer visitors special journeys through the sites of archaeological interest, which could be along the course of a river or inside an ethnographic museum located in the outskirts of a town. This journey may also include a meal at a place where all of its local ingredients have been freshly picked.

It is no coincidence that the cooperatives that offer the tour guide services also participate in museum management, workshop organization, cultural events and the promotion of slow food.



The environmental guides of the Centro Servizi Giara organize several trekking tours along the paths of the Giara, as well as many educational excursions aimed to involve local schools. They also offer the possibility of integrating these excursions with other expeditions, for those who wish to know and visit the neighboring towns.


Soc. Jara di R. Sanna & C Sas
via G. B. Tuveri 16
09029 Tuili 
Tel  070 9364277 - 348 2924983
Email info@parcodellagiara.it

Website   http://www.parcodellagiara.it

Further information: The tours offered can be performed by anyone at any time of the year.

The environmental guides of Giunone are involved in the design and management of trails and paths tracked by GPS and are specialists in the management of museums, the organization of events and the implementation of educational workshops for schoolchildren.


Cooperativa Giunone
via Matteotti, 16
08030 Genoni - OR
Tel    39 339 16 76 863


Website http://www.parcgenoni.it

Further information: The Giara can be visited at any time of the year.