The Festival of Fra Nicola, Gesturi

There are many religious events in the region that testify to the popular devotion to Fra Nicola, who was beatified in 1999. In his hometown, the solemn celebrations in his honor are held on the first week of August, commemorating his birthday (August 5, 1882). On this date, thousands of worshipers arrive in Gesturi with the purpose of visiting the childhood places of the Blessed Nicola, who was sometimes called "Brother Silence". The most anticipated moment is the pilgrimage, also called "the path of the saint", which brings together hundreds of devotees from the entire region for a long journey on foot from Laconi to Gesturi. The procession is also very popular because the statue of the Blessed is taken through the streets of the town, escorted by brotherhoods and horsemen. They are followed by folk groups dressed in traditional costumes and musicians, who are involved in the preservation of the local musical heritage.

The religious rites, solemn Eucharistic celebrations, continue for 4-5 days in the square outside of the church and in the park that bears the name of the Blessed Nicola.

In the evening, the civil festivities include both theatrical and musical performances.