The Festival of Sant’Elena Imperatrice, Gonnosnò

Sant’Elena the Empress is the patron saint of Gonnosnò, and a celebration in her honor is held on the 18th of August. One of the most evocative moments of this religious rite is the procession, which takes the statue of the saint around the streets of the historic center, accompanied by a large number of horsemen from the entire region. The procession is followed by a solemn mass with a panegyric.

After the church service, the celebration of su ballu de cresia takes place, so people dance to the sound of the accordion. This is just the first of many events that take place alongside the religious rites. These are followed by various cultural and sporting events. The crafts made by local artisans, who are experts in the arts of weaving, carving and pottery, deserve special attention.

The celebrations conclude with musical events and dancing in the square.