The Festival of Sant’Ignazio, Setzu

The celebrations for Sant’Ignazio of Laconi, which involve people from the entire region of Marmilla, are held in Setzu from August 29th to the 31st. They include religious rituals, folklore events, and traditional food and wine tasting.

According to tradition, after the religious rites, the youth from the area form a procession through the streets, singing and dancing to the sound of the accordion.

Knocking on every door in the town, the procession goes from house to house to collect traditional offerings: wine, bread, cheese, cold cuts, meat, and sweets. After being blessed by the priest, the offerings are shared and eaten at a collective feast known as Sa merenda ’e Fra Ignaziu, where members of the procession, residents, and tourists come together. This festival has been held since 1946.