The Festival of Santa Lucia, Assolo

The celebration dedicated to Santa Lucia is held on the third Sunday of September in Assolo. On Saturday, the prioresses adorn the statue with garlands of flowers and fresh basil because, after the blessing from the priest, it is carried in procession from the parish church of Saint Sebastian to the rural church built in her honor. The procession of the faithful worshipers, accompanied by religious songs and the sound of the accordion, is followed by two rows of horses adorned with traditional tapestries.

In the past, the four-day holiday in the area of Santa Lucia had a large influx of worshipers from other towns, as all of the religious and civil rituals used to be held entirely there. Today, the only event that takes place at the rural church, before returning the statue to the town center, is the celebration of Mass.

In the square, the entire village meets for a communal lunch while concerts and traditional dances are presented on stage.