The Festival of Sant'Elia Profeta, Nuragus

Sant'Elia the Prophet, the most important celebration in Nuragus, is held in early July. In the past, there was probably no fixed date for the celebration, but, in 1898, the Archbishop Giovanni Francesco Casula, at the request of the city council, set the festivity between the 24th and the 26th of August. During the celebration the following year, there was an accident with the saint’s carriage, and it was interpreted as a sign from the saint. The party was then moved to between the 5th and 7th of of July.

The rituals of this religious festival date back to the Byzantine period, during which the cult of saints of biblical and Eastern origin was born in southern Italy.

The procession to the church involves horsemen of the brotherhoods as well as folk groups from both Nuragus and some neighboring towns. From the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, the sanctuary dedicated to Sant'Elia had great religious importance, not only for Nuragus, but for the entire region. Around the church, a large market used to be assembled, so the town would become a religious and commercial center of particular importance for three days.

The celebrations end on the evening of the last day, in the town square, with musical performances, songs and traditional dances.