The Festival of Su Pani Arrubiu, Tuili

The small bread called civraxiu is a unique gastronomic specialty of Tuili, and it is prepared with wheat flour, raisins and saffron, which turns the bread reddish. This dish has been prepared for centuries on the second Monday after Easter, during the celebrations dedicated to Saint'Antioco. People take it to church as an offering and, once the bread is blessed, it is offered to the worshipers. A long time ago, even up to 1930, civraxiu was an unleavened bread. Subsequently, the recipe changed, by adding raisins and saffron, in order to obtain a richer and flavorful bread to serve as a gift to the saint.

Since 2006, devotion and tradition come together in the Festival of Su Pani Arrubiu, which includes the preparation and tasting of the local specialty, folk performances and cultural events.