The Festival of Su Pani Saba, Sini

The festival of Su Pani e Saba is held on April 25th in Sini. It is an important festival dedicated to the typical sweet dish of the area “saba bread”, which is made with must and served with almonds, raisins and colorful sprinkles.

The original recipe, which has been handed down from generation to generation, requires a long period of preparation and the use of the right ingredients. At one point, people from the town used to make saba bread to offer as a donation during the feast of San Giorgio; the sweets were sold and the proceeds were used to maintain the church. There is still a bond with the saint, and it can be seen during the traditional costume parade that takes place on the day of the celebration, since it finishes at the church built in honor of San Giorgio. A wagon filled with sweets leads the procession, followed by groups of people in costumes and classic cars that come from different villages throughout Sardinia.

Food stalls are assembled throughout the center of the village, so you can both watch the preparation of the sweets and taste them. In the squares and streets of the old town, you can see the works of local artisans, who carve stone and wood and show their old tools to curious visitors. During the festival, it is common to find some photographic and painting exhibitions. Local farmers also have the opportunity to present the fruits of their labor, all of which are organic and whose increasing importance for the local economy has had a significant impact on the latest editions of the festival. Since 2013, it has become one of the most important eco-events in the region.