How to Get Here

How to Get Around the Region of Marmilla

The Marmilla region is slightly away from the main highway in Sardinia (Strada Statale 131 “Carlo Felice”), as it is along Strada Statale 197, which branches off from Strada Statale 131. Therefore, having an optimal geographical location, the Giara is easily accessible from any point of the island. There is also a provincial road network that links the municipalities within the SCI (Site of Community Importance) “Giara di Gesturi”. Unfortunately, this area is not connected to the railway system, so visitors must use public buses or private transportation to reach the Giara.

 How to Reach the Giara

The area of the SCI is easily accessible. You can take Strada Statale 131 until the exit for Villamar, and then take Strada Statale 197 to reach Gesturi and Nuragus. Along the same road, you will find Strada Provinciale 16, which brings you to Genoni. To reach Gonnosnò and Albagiara, take Strada Statale 197 until the exit for Strada Provinciale 35, and to reach Genuri, take Strada Provinciale 46 in the direction of Baradili. Leaving Strada Statale 197, at the town of Las Plassas, take Strada Provinciale 45, which reaches Tuili. Turning right and taking Strada Provinciale 44, you will reach Setzu.

Assolo, Sini and Nureci can be reached by taking Strada Statale #131 until you reach Uras, and then taking Strada Statale 442. All three towns are connected by short feeder roads.

 Access to the Giara

The plateau is accessible from Genoni, Gesturi, Tuili and Setzu. From Gesturi, in particular, you can take Via La Giara, which begins at the town center and, after a few kilometers, reaches the top of the plateau.

For those who want to reach the plateau on foot, we recommend taking one of the many scalas (natural paths) located across the slopes of the Giara. The most interesting ones are described in the “Natural Heritage” section, and there is also some information about the scalas in the sections dedicated to the natural heritage and to the itineraries of the Giara. 

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