Monumental Trees

Among the most important natural elements in the Site of Community Importance (SCI) of “Giara di Gesturi”, the monumental trees are undoubtedly the most unique. Not only do they bring together two very different terms in a single expression, but they also help to tell the history of this region. The height of these trees due to their slow growth and their shadow projected on the ground since time immemorial have turned them into silent witnesses of the centuries.

The olive trees placed in Su Cungiau de Is Olias are among the monumental trees that are worth mentioning. They are within the Park of Old Trees located near the village of Sini. One of them stands out for two reasons: it is the largest in the region of Oristano, and it was already alive when the Pisans arrived in the fourteenth century.

Getting to the park is simple: follow Via Uliveto until the intersection with Via Nuova at the end of the village. Then take Via Argiolas, which leads to the place where the great patriarch extends its branches.