In defining the special topics covered in this section of the site dedicated to the Site of Community Importance “Giara di Gesturi”, we do not want to emphasize their exceptional nature in respect to the issues dealt with on the other pages of the same project. From the smallness of the wild horses characteristic of the plateau to the environmental particularity of the paulis and the rarity of the animal and plant species that can be observed, and from the traditions related to the extraction of cork to the geomorphology of the vast plateau, these elements are significantly different from what we are accustomed to considering ordinary and certainly deserve to be considered extraordinary elements in the landscape of the island.


The paulis are shallow depressions that are able to collect and store rainwater throughout the year. There are about thirty main ones, covering an area of 120 hectares, which is more or less 2 percent of the entire territory of the Giara.

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