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Sa Giara Manna, The Big Giara, is what the people of the area call the imposing plateau on the border between the regions of Marmilla and Sarcidano. It is called “Manna” (big), to distinguish it from other similar, but smaller, formations located nearby, such as the Giara di Serri and Giara di Siddi. The particular shape of the relief, which rises from the mountainous landscape of the region, makes the Giara di Gesturi a sort of natural fortress, on top of which an ecosystem of great interest is preserved. Some of the main features of this ecosystem are vast forests of cork and oak trees, dense Mediterranean vegetation, and a series of small temporary ponds called paùlis, which collect rainwater for most of the year and are the habitat for many animal and plant species of great importance. The number of tourists visiting the Giara is due to the variety of plants and animals, particularly the famous Giara horses, which still live in the wild.

Frequented by our ancestors since Neolithic times, and still used by shepherds for the grazing of sheep, goats and pigs, the vast basaltic plateau preserves precious features of its distant past. Among them are the numerous Domus de Janas and nuraghes that are spread across this countryside. Therefore, it is perhaps the strong relationship that man has always had with this environment and the traces of that relationship that constitute the main attraction of the Giara, or perhaps it is the age-old wisdom that allowed the use of such a rich land without compromising its nature. Nevertheless, these are the main issues that must be taken into account when promoting tourism in the Giara. In fact, preserving an absolute natural purity is not the only goal, as preserving the balance that has allowed the use of natural resources without compromising the environment is also important. This is a delicate balance that could easily be altered by its current use.

These are the reasons why the inhabitants of the villages at the foot of the Giara have made the decision to promote their own territory, always making the visitors aware of the inseparable link between the extraordinary nature and the culture that has managed to keep it intact. The efforts of those who committed themselves to disseminating the knowledge about this ancient culture, who identified this land as an important source of life and hope, have been repaid with the creation of a regional network of museums aimed at guarding and protecting the natural, cultural, paleontological, anthropological and historic resources of this part of the island. These resources are the true wealth of this land.





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