Water Sources

Among the most interesting elements of the plateau are the paulis, natural depressions in the ground in which rainwater accumulates during the winter. These are mostly found near the small reliefs of volcanic origin that interrupt the flat nature of the Giara. Generally, the paulis are small, short-lived ponds, however, some of them become rather large and retain their waters throughout the year (as in the case of the two large paulis in Tuili and Genoni). The paulis spread on the top of the Giara are essential for the survival of many plants and animals and, therefore, they are considered "habitats of community interest" by the European Union.

The presence of water is linked to the existence of important water sources, which are scattered throughout the territory of the SCI. Besides the paulis, there are several underground springs, which flow beneath the rocky edge of the Giara. Only in the territory of Assolo, the springs of Funtana Carusa; Mitza Cabirada; Mitza Masoni; Sinnigas; Mitza en Truncu; Mitza Crabaxius Masoni; and Sa Stiddiosa are worth mentioning. The last one is well-known for the quality of its water.

The territory features numerous geo-paleontological sites of great interest, including Duidduru in the territory of Genoni and Muru 'e Cubeddu in Nureci. In particular, the last one has one of the most remarkable concentrations of fossils in the Mediterranean and documents the geological events that have affected this part of the island.

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