The thermo-pluviometric data related to the Site of Community Importance "Giara di Gesturi" correspond to the average Mediterranean data, with a slight tendency towards continentality, due to the distance from the coast and, thus, moderating the action of the sea.

The analysis considers the limited and inconsistent pluviometric (millimeters of rainfall in a year) and thermometric (average value in °C) data recorded at nearby weather stations.

Taking into consideration the data recorded at the weather stations in Ales, Solo, Baradili, Barumini, Genoni, and Gergei, it is possible to confirm that the maximum precipitation usually occurs between November and January (~100 mm), but the average values from March, April and October (85 mm) are not very different from the maximums. On the other hand, the minimum precipitation occurs during the summer (10-15 mm). Moreover, the data regarding the maximum annual average precipitation (778 mm) and the maximum monthly average precipitation (December: 124.1 mm) have been recorded at the Ales station. The annual average rainfall measured at the six stations is approximately 722.1 mm.

Temperatures have been recorded at the Ales station for twenty years and at the Baradili, Genoni and Gergei stations for a few years. The lowest temperatures occur between December and January, with an average minimum of 7.1 °C (Ales), while the highest are usually recorded between July and August, with a maximum of 26.4 °C (in the month of July in Gergei). From April to June, the average temperature increases, from 10.2 to 21.8 °C, whereas, from September to November, it decreases from 22.4 to 11.7 °C.

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