Where to Eat

The gastronomic tradition of Marmilla is now interpreted by several chefs whose restaurants are scattered across the region. Within the SCI (Site of Community Importance) "Giara of Gesturi", the restaurants are mostly family-owned businesses, where classic local cuisine is served with locally-produced red and white wines. Bread, olive oil and olives are always on the tables, as they are the most famous products from the Marmilla region. The pastas, soups and creams have the flavor of the local rural culture, which you can feel in the air of every town and street. Other typical products include: high-quality roasted meat, seafood dishes and a rich repertoire of desserts made with almonds and sapa, which is a syrup made from grape must.

Besides the restaurants and taverns, there are many rural restaurants called “agriturismi”, where you can taste the most typical regional dishes made with fresh materials produced on site.

Some of these structures have recently reconsidered their activities, so as to offer visitors the opportunity to learn more about the local products. This is the case of the so-called “educational farms”, where younger guests, especially children, can have contact with local farmers and their animals. For example, some of the organized activities include making bread, pasta or cheese, which are then brought to the table.

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